Ahpa Chapa Chapa

Parents Looking for Eco-Friendly and Comfortable Clothing for Their Baby Now Have an Alternative to Often Times Irritating Man-Made Fabrics Thanks to Ahpa Chapa Chapa.

The California based company today introduced their new line of onesie bodysuits made with 100% organic Tanguis cotton fleece.


Hercules, CA - California -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2013 -- Many of today's mass-produced fabrics contain fibers which may irritate the sensitive skin of babies due to the chemicals used during the manufacturing process. The irritation causes discomfort and may lead to other skin conditions which babies are susceptible to at such an early age.

“Parents don't often realize that their baby's dermatological issues can be stemming from the clothes they dress them in every day,” according to Anna Villa, CEO of Ahpa Chapa Chapa. “The fabric we use in all of our clothes is 100% organic cotton that is also 100% safe for newborns and won't cause irritation.”

Ahpa Chapa Chapa's onesie bodysuits feature a classic zip-up design with neutral colors and a comfortable fit that won't bind – perfect for active little ones. “Everyone knows cotton equals comfort, but our Tanguis cotton takes comfort to a new level. It's not comfort, it's luxury. One touch and you'll wish your clothes were this comfortable!” Villa joked.

Ahpa Chapa Chapa baby clothes make great gifts but no well dressed newborn should be without one of the company's signature items – the Baby Cat Hat. Also made from 100% organic Tanguis cotton fleece, the Cat Hat is whimsical, cute and the perfect fashion accessory no baby should be without.

To see the complete line of Ahpa Chapa Chapa baby clothes and accessories, visit: http://www.ahpa-chapa-chapa.com/