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Parents Refuse to Let Their Children Be Bullied

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Grapevine, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/31/2013 -- Bullying cases continue to increase throughout the years. In fact, this issue is becoming out of control and instilling fear among children across the country. Aside from feeling scared, bullied students also experience injury at some instances and trauma, which often results to lack of motivation to attend classes. This causes parents to search for options in protecting their children from bullying.

Parents Taking the Stand

A couple decided to do something to protect their bullied child at school. They asked for help and were appalled with the injustice happening at educational facilities. These parents enrolled their child in Kids Martial Arts in Grapevine TX to keep themselves from worrying about their child being taunted while in school and without anyone to come for help.

Bullying as a Culture

Coach Larry Clay Lonis, head instructor at Monster X Camp, states, “We are now at the age where bullying is becoming a culture. Schools everywhere have bullies and they have their own ways of taunting other students from mere intimidation to shoving while others extort money. This couple is not the only one who consulted us for self-defense for kids and I don’t blame them from doing so.”

Mortifying Academic Environment

The couple experienced the worst of meeting with the school’s principal and even the school board. Instead of reprimanding the bullies, their child is the one being punished for standing against them. Coach Larry also gave his insight about the educational system. “The school is supposed to be a second home fostering a safe environment for learning. However, the mortifying thing is that school officials and the district school boards let bullying slide,” says Coach Larry.

Train Under Professionals

With programs like Southlake Texas Martial Arts for Children, kids will train under professionals in improving their reflexes and gross motor skills in protecting themselves against bullies. At Monster X Camp, Coach Larry and the other expert instructors teach KravMaga, an Israeli self-defense system that is easy to learn. Monster X Camp instructors gained titles in their respective martial arts training like Coach Brad, who recently gained his black belt title in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Students will surely learn from these trained professionals.

Inspired Parents

The couple reported that taking these martial arts classes resolved the bullying problem. With the class’ effectiveness, the parents themselves enrolled in the facility’s self-defense classes. Watch their testimonial by visiting this link

If anyone is one of these parents with children being bullied at school, visit to learn about these martial arts and self defense programs. Furthermore, visit to know Coach Larry, the training team, and more information about their classes.

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