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Parents Remain Stress Free with a New Innovative Baby Bath Toy Organizer

Many parents have become frustrated with the lack of practical baby toy organizers to help keep all of their children’s bath toys stored away neatly. A new and improved product has make a big splash with these parents.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2014 -- Even though there was only a few bath toys inside the storage net, it was already packed to the brim, and quite frankly, it looked like it was just about to burst open. That wouldn’t make Linda or her little girl too happy.

“It was cheap enough so I thought what have I got to lose? But you know the saying, you buy cheap, you buy twice.” Says Linda Thomas, who was in search for a bath toy organizer ( to hold all of her daughter’s bath toys.

Linda said “I’ve had a couple of problems with this bath toy net. The suction cups never stay stuck, and there’s such little room that you can only hold several toys at one time. One of my friends had a much better bath toy storage net by Tideo, so I had to get one too. It beats the previous one I had in every department. It sticks to other surfaces such as wood, so you can also use it in the bedroom too!”

The Baby Bath Toy Organizer XL by Tideo is actually really simple, but drastically improves on existing similar products. Large surfaced strong suction cups and a larger and sturdier mesh net has made this product extremely popular among parents.

Emily Groves, a mother from Boston, recently said, “I had actually two bad experiences with other baby bath toy organizer products. The first was inexpensive, but the suction cups were terrible. Every time they became slightly wet the organizer fell into the tub and made a mess. The second was from a big name brand, but the storage fabric ripped in just two weeks because it could barely hold anything. I guess it was third time lucky when I found the Tideo baby bath organizer. Not only is it larger, but the suction cups are really strong, and there's no danger of the mesh ripping at all. Really perfect, and the price is right too.”

This simple yet clever kid’s toy storage product ( is quickly becoming a bestseller and rivalling the bigger named brands. It just goes to show that a great product will rise to the top despite not being a household name. Tideo makes it known that even though that’s their aim, they will never stop releasing new innovative products to make the lives of parents stress free.

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