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Parents Turn to Launch Education's Innovative Tutoring Program for Effective Standardized Test Prep


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/10/2012 -- Getting prepared for standardized tests is never an easy task. Helping students to acquire the right skills that will allow them to do their best is a process that should not be taken lightly. Although parents may realize the importance of standardized test prep, they may also be wary of the traditional test prep methods that rely on inefficient, short-term strategies.

As a result, a large number of parents are seeking more effective test prep alternatives, and that is why a new company called Launch Education Group has been attracting so much attention lately. They are quickly becoming the premier source for high-quality tutoring for the SAT, ACT and ISEE.

Here is the Launch philosophy:

“Many tutors serve as a short-term fix and fail to the underlying issues that impact learning in the long-term. We want to ensure that the student excels academically in the short term while learning skills that will provide long-term results. The essential elements of academic achievement form a core part of our tutoring methodology and include organizational skills, confidence, and the ability to grasp sophisticated academic material.”

Many parents and students are visiting for more information on innovative SAT, ACT and ISEE test prep with Launch Education, most notably for ISEE test prep in Los Angeles. On the website, parents can read about the company’s highly experienced Ivy-League graduate ISEE tutors, unique ISEE preparation materials, and a feedback system that ensures the highest quality ISEE tutoring.

In addition to a uniquely designed prep program for standardized testing, Launch Education Group provides tutoring in academic subjects such as English, history, sciences, math and foreign languages. These subjects are taught at all levels, from elementary to high school (including AP – Advanced Placement). Parents can also read about specialized tutoring services for children with learning differences.

In order to keep parents and students fully informed, the website explains how the company selects qualified tutors and matches them with students. Parents can even use the online chat feature to speak directly with one of the company’s directors. Plus, the website’s blog offers quality editorial content on a variety of topics related to tutoring and education that will help all kinds of students to succeed.

About Launch Education Group
Launch Education Group was founded in 2007 by childhood friends Tim Urban, a Harvard graduate and professional tutor, and Andrew Finn, a graduate of University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. Tim and Andrew were inspired to form the company when they noticed a common problem among many local tutoring and test prep providers. Rather than cultivating long-term success and autonomy in their students, tutors served as short-term fixes that fostered a problematic dependency.

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