Parents Turn to the Whiteboard Store for Help to Teach Children at Home

Over 50,000 Children Are Being Educated At Home With Many Parents Turning To Whiteboard Store For Equipment


Manchester, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/04/2014 -- In the UK over 50,000 children are being taught at home instead of going to a traditional school. The number of children who are being taken out of school to be educated at home is increasing by 80% each year. Many of those parents are turning to the Whiteboard Store ( for their advice on which whiteboards they should buy to help educate their children at home.

Parents decide for many different reasons why they want to educate their children at home; this includes giving them a better education, as well as the child being too scared to return to school after being bullied. No matter what the reason a parent chooses home schooling, one thing they all have in common, they require the right equipment to teach their children.

One of the most important pieces of equipment parents use to offer their children home schooling, is the Whiteboard, and one of the popular Whiteboards to teach children at home is the Lesson Objective Whiteboard.

The Lesson Objective Whiteboard allows the parent to teach their children in a positive manner while at the same time allowing their children to feel more part of the lesson. It has become a very popular Whiteboard due to its low cost of £64.50, which comes with free delivery.

Five reasons why Lesson Objective Whiteboard is great for home schooling

1. A Lesson Objective Whiteboard allows the child to engage in the lesson.
2. The whiteboard allows the child to have fun while learning
3. Using a Lesson Objective Whiteboard will save on paper.
4. The Lesson Objective Whiteboard can be used to teach more than one child
5. No need to worry about maintenance or using electricity for the Whiteboard

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