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Park City Conducts Health and Safety Audits for Businesses to Help Identify Any Areas of Non-Compliance


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2021 -- A specialist HR consultancy in Essex, Park City conducts health and safety audits for businesses to help identify any areas of non-compliance. Their audit is designed to guide you and your organisation through the latest changes in best practices and legislation. The audit they conduct is vital to the wellbeing of the workforce of large public and private sector organisations, as they ensure there is a measure for health and safety in place. Their highly experienced team of health and safety auditors work across all sectors to help business improve their performance.

While its purpose is to ensure compliance, its audit also assesses how well businesses are following processes and the overall performance regarding health and safety. Their health & safety audit identifies any new hazards in the workplace, relevant trends in respect of slips, trips, and falls, and at the same time incorporate the requirements of the new and amended legislation. The company helps businesses meet their legal duty to monitor, maintain and review all matters and arrangements of health and safety.

Park City is one of the most well-renowned H&S consultants, employment law specialists offering a wide range of services across HR and Health & Safety. Park City's extensive range of services includes bespoke HR and Health & Safety documentation, systems, contracts, procedures, audits, and management support. They have a team of experienced professionals who have wide industry understanding and knowledge. All of their services are carried out as per the defined industry standards without compromise on quality and ethics.

Talking about their health and safety audits, one of the representatives from the company stated, "Our Health & Safety Consultant will visit your premises and conduct a Health & Safety Audit. This is a thorough review of your premises to identify any areas of non-compliance, highlighting possible risks to which your working environment may be vulnerable including identification of appropriate health and safety signage. A printed report will subsequently be sent to you with the findings and recommendations highlighted by the audit outlining the action you will need to take to comply with current legislation."

About Park City
Park City is a specialist HR consultancy in Essex, which serves a broad range of clients across HR and Health & Safety. The business was originally formed in 1997 by current Managing Director Juliette Price. They have a client base of over 200 companies, a turnover of about £1.3m, and they boast a 90% client retention rate year on year, through being the best people in business.

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