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Park Press Printers Launches Union Bug Awareness Campaign

Political campaigns show support for workers by displaying the bug on materials


Saugus, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/23/2014 -- History shows the union bug has been in use since October 15,1891, with the first documented use of this printing mark appearing on an editorial column of the Compositors Typographical Journal. In the 1890's, approximately one quarter of printers and publishers joined a union, yet only five to ten percent of those in the industry currently claim membership in a union. Park Press Printers remains proud of their union membership and proudly places this mark on the work they complete.

"Many fail to realize why a union print shop puts this mark on the work they complete, yet doing so shows the shop offers quality standards and excellent workmanship. Furthermore, the mark protects against those shops choosing not to join a union who claim to offer union working conditions. Many individuals tasked with political campaign printing turn to a union print shop to show support for unions and their push for fair working conditions," Gabriel Farhat, spokesperson for Park Press Printers, explains.

Park Press Printers understands balancing a political campaign remains a difficult task as many duties must be handled simultaneously. When one has to take the time to explain what is needed to printers, this takes away from the campaign, and working with those who aren't organized impedes the ability of the campaign to achieve their goals. Park Press Printers offers services designed to help those in charge of campaigns get the job done right.

"Contact Park Press for assistance with everything from branding and designing services to targeted mailings or request signs, large format banners, brochures and more. Park Press functions to provide political campaigns with the tools needed to get their message across and achieve a win, and the company helps political candidates from Maine to Virginia and further with all of their printing needs," Farhat declares.

Often, in a rush to accomplish several tasks at once, political candidates turn to local unions to find a printer, and although a printer may be part of a union, his or her employees might not be. When one chooses a union label print shop, all production employees hold membership in a union, and the print shop must have a valid license agreement before the bug may be placed on printed materials.

"The union bug shows a great deal more than this, however. Before the bug may be put on any material, all operations taking part in the production of the material must have been completed by labor union members. This includes the bindery, press, and prepress operations. Look for the bug to show support for union members, and never accept anything less. Park Press Printers is here to help show this support with every job completed," Farhat proclaims.

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