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‘ParkingGamesFree.com’ Offers Wide Selection of Fun and Challenging Car Parking Games


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/24/2012 -- Video game fans who enjoy challenging games that require good decision making skills, steadiness and patience have recently discovered just how amazingly fun and addicting it can be to try to park a car.

Not a real car, of course, but one that is on the computer screen. These virtual vehicles must be carefully and correctly maneuvered into a parking space, without running into road debris, other cars, and various hazards.

A website has been getting a lot of attention lately for its incredible section of the top free parking games that are currently available.

ParkingGamesFree.com is an online arcade that features the top free-to-play parking games. Car, truck and even airplane and forklift parking games are all included. The website is free for everyone to use and, as a bonus, all of the games can be played directly in all web browsers.

“ParkingGamesFree.com showcases only the best online and free parking games,” an article on the website noted.

“Rather than setting the road on fire (as is usual in racing and other driving games), parking games...well, require you to park your car PROPERLY and without a scratch. PLUS, to make the whole thing challenging, you need to do that in a cluttered parking lot...filled with debris, road hazards, cars parked irresponsibly, etc.”

Using the website is easy; the only hard part might be deciding which game to play first! Simply log onto the home page and begin browsing through the impressive selection of car parking games.

For people who are new to this type of game, the Top 10 List, located in the upper right hand portion of the home page, offers a great sampling of some of the most popular car parking games.

Throughout the website, a thumbnail image of each game accompanies its title; clicking on the photo will bring up another page with complete instructions and a detailed walk-through of the game.

For example, in “Super Parking World 2,” players attempt to park their vehicles in the designated spaces in a set amount of time, all while avoiding obstacles.

Players who feel they are already masters of the parking lot may wish to try out some of the particularly challenging games the website has to offer. Parking Master is a game that is both extremely popular and difficult because when playing, people must park not only one car in one spot per level, but three or four.

About ParkingGamesFree.com
ParkingGamesFree.com is an online arcade specializing in the top free-to-play parking games. At ParkingGamesFree.com, players can challenge their dexterity and quick thinking with car, truck, and even airplane parking games. The arcade is 100% free and no extra software downloads are needed, all games can be played directly in any web browser. For more information, please visit http://parkinggamesfree.com