Part Time Work from Home: Internet Millionaire Reveals All


Yardley, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2012 -- Anik Singal, renown business online salesman and business coach, is now offering 15 weeks of video coaching, where you can watch over Anik's shoulder as he teaches how to build an online business.

The economy is getting worse - unemployment is not digressed and the American people are looking for part time work from home. Many people are aware that they can earn an income online, however most are lacking the skills to make that a reality. Anik Singal’s Internet Marketing Coaching Program: Marketing With Anik 2.0, is a well-designed, specific program aimed towards those starting an online business.

“Many of my students are reporting making a lot of money, millions in some cases, doing amazingly well” says Anik, “But then I have some students who are just struggling to start. I wanted to figure out why, so I set out on a journey to figure out what's missing.” He learned quickly that those who succeeded had coaches even before launching their online business, where those who were failing had none. It was the coaching that allowed them to find success doing part time work from home.

This prompted Anik to offer 15 weeks of video training, where you can literally watch an over-the-shoulder account as he builds his business online. No books, no reading, just real life experience. “I want this to be the year of no more excuses – I'm tired of seeing some students do really, really well and other struggling to start. I want that to be met in the middle.”

Mr. Singal is offering 15 weeks of training on how to make money online for only $37. The offer is happening for a limited time, so act now before the price goes up!

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About Anik Singal
Over the last 8 years, Anik Singal has sold over 20 million products over the internet, and trained over 62 thousand students. His program, Marketing with Anik, has sold thousands of copies and gotten many people started on their path to starting an online business. Mr. Singal’s strategies are revolutionary as he has been recognized by INC 500 as one of the fastest growing companies in America.


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