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Partnership to Success Back on the Market to Help More Online Players

The very successful coaching program of John Thornhill is back. And it still comes with a success guarantee.


Coquitlam, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2014 -- New and seasoned internet marketers are once again offered the chance to level the playing field via John Thronhill’s top-rated business coaching program, Partnership to Success. First offered in 2011, the same program that earned a very impressive track record is back for yet another round of intensive 12-month training program. The training sessions remain under the apprenticeship of John Thornhill.

John Thornhill is an accomplished online marketing and internet coaching expert who is also behind many other top-performing marketing products such as Affiliate Promo Formula, Auction Profit Streams, Clickbank Ad Rotator, among others. Right now, he is reopening Partnership to Success so he can personally work with anyone who wanted to jump start their online success in 2014.

Partnership to Success is a year-long coaching program that includes one-on-one interaction with John Thornhill himself, along with many other perks and bonuses. And just like what it did in 2011, the students will be given very simple, step-by-step process to guarantee their success this year and in the more to come. For John Thornhill, success is as easy as understanding the game, learning how to play it, and applying the knowledge acquired.

The coaching program will mold a trainee’s understanding of his target audience so he can sell anything to them. With the right mindset and by knowing what works for your customers, selling products or offering services becomes easier. As John Thornhill stated in his blog, “Only one person can do something about your life. You.” The training starts by putting participants in the right mental frame – the kind that would make them fit for success.

The training sessions will also touch upon the right ways to promote a business. John Thornhill will tackle branding, marketing, and the ways on how to size up the competition. However, it is the last step that is most important– applying everything that the trainees learned. For that, all participants will receive a fully customizable niche website that comes complete with SEO, social media, and traffic generating enhancements. Technically, everything that a trainee needs to succeed is included - from knowledge all the way to tools and resources.

Partnership to Success is recommended to all internet marketers, both the new and the seasoned. It will work for any product, service, or even a blog. The system is offered in a private coaching area where trainees can access all the materials, videos, tools, and systems necessary for success. John Thornhill will guide the trainees every step of the way.

To know more about Partnership to Success and how to join this 12-month training session, simply visit this page: