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Partnership with Google Yields Coveted AdWords Certification for RH Web Solutions

Company founder's achievement will ensure that clients can be confident of receiving industry-leading design and conduct of pay-per-click campaigns, RH Web Solutions reports


Natick, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/21/2014 -- RH Web Solutions, a top full-service web design and search engine marketing firm, has announced that it has partnered with Google to ensure that the company's clients receive the best possible AdWords-related services. After extensive training and testing conducted through the partnership, a qualification was awarded by Google which marks company leader Rick Hamel as a fully certified AdWords professional. This development will ensure that clients of RH Web Solutions will benefit from industry-leading levels of service when they engage the company to create or manage AdWords campaigns on their behalf.

"We're proud to announce that we've received Google AdWords certification," RH Web Solutions founder Rick Hamel said, "as another step in our continuing drive to provide our clients with unmatched levels of service. Our AdWords campaigns will be more cost-effective than ever, delivering truly spectacular return on investment to our customers." Once a relatively minor player on the scene, the Google AdWords pay-per-click system has ballooned to become an industry behemoth, accounting for the lion's share of that Internet giant's massive revenues at this point in time.

Unfortunately for many who would like to take advantage of it, cutthroat competition and auction-style pricing can make it difficult for inexperienced businesses and others to profitably use AdWords. The Google AdWords certification just obtained by RH Web Solutions, having been issued by Google itself, shows to clients that the company is deeply familiar and skilled with that system. RH Web Solutions has been identified as being particularly well-positioned to find and analyze which search terms would make the most effective use of a pay-per-click campaign budget for a given client and to adjust strategies on the fly as conditions change. The upshot of this is that RH Web Solutions can rightly claim to be able to offer unequaled return on investment for such campaigns compared to the company's competitors.

In addition to designing and managing Google AdWords campaigns for clients, RH Web Solutions offers a wide variety of other web- and Internet-related services. The company's website marketing and search engine optimization services specialized for law firms have produced impressive results for a number of practices located in Massachusetts and elsewhere, particularly considering the extremely affordable investments these efforts often entail. RH Web Solutions also provides custom web site design and creation, including building sites which scale flawlessly to take advantage of whatever device is used to access them, from iPhones with small screens to desktop computers with large ones.

"Over the course of my twenty-plus years in the industry," Hamel concluded, "I've made sure to always stay at the cutting edges of skill training and industry developments. This new AdWords certification obtained through our partnership with Google is the latest in a long line of achievements that will continue to benefit our clients." Those interested in pay-per-click campaign services, web development, SEO, or any of the other of RH Web Solutions' offerings may read more at the company's website, where free, no-obligation consultations may also be arranged.

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One of the leading search engine optimization and web marketing and design agencies in Massachusetts, RH Web Solutions was founded in 2007. The company is led by Rick Hamel, an industry veteran with more than twenty years of experience, and focuses intently on producing impressive returns on investment for clients.