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Partsmaster Announces Availability of Environmentally Friendly Products

Partsmaster, the world leader in parts cleaning technology, announces the use of eco-safe technology in Torrent machine


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/25/2013 -- Partsmaster, a provider of premier parts cleaning technology to companies and industries in North America, is pleased to announce that their latest innovation, the Torrent aqueous parts cleaning machine utilizes environmentally friendly technology.

The Torrent machine is the latest product introduced by Partsmaster, featuring technology that is not only effective in the cleaning of machine parts of all types, but also safe for the environment. The Torrent chemistry releases no harmful chemicals or dangerous fumes, and reduces the exposure to noxious fumes for users as well.

In addition to the elimination of organic solvents and their environmental impact, the Torrent aqueous parts cleaner also helps users achieve ISO 14001 goals because of the reduction of the amount of waste produced.

With the use of the Torrent, employee exposure to potentially hazardous chemicals is reduced, as is the risk of fire. The use of the Torrent also prevents the absorption of harmful hydrocarbons by employees.

“We’re known for providing industry-leading MRO solutions to our customers for over 40 years, but we’re always working to remain the best at what we do,” said Curt Selby, Director of Marketing. “Part of being the best is making sure that our customers are safe when they use our products and that we’re doing our part to reduce their carbon footprint and assist them in preserving the environment.”

The Torrent Parts Washer integrates the use of heat, water and pressure to provide a dynamic cleansing of tools and machine parts while using non-hazardous, bio-degradable cleaning solutions.

When compared to similar products on the market, the Torrent is not only safer for the environment, but also provides faster cleaning times, meaning it increases efficiency and productivity, and cuts costs spent on labor. With the use of the Torrent, parts that previously took hours to fully clean can now be cleaned in as quickly as one minute.

More information, including a video demonstration of the Torrent, can be found by visiting

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