Partsmaster Torrent

Partsmaster Creates Safer Parts Washer

Partsmaster Creates Worker-Friendly Torrent Parts Washer


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2013 -- Partsmaster, a leading provider of products and solutions to service the maintenance, repair and operations industries, has created the Torrent Parts Washer, an industrial parts washer that is safe for workers, yet remarkably effective. Through their advanced aqueous-based technology, Partsmaster has perfected the parts washer machine. This comes as good news to workers and shop managers that are seeking safe yet reliable solutions to tool or parts washing machines.

Traditional industrial part washer machines often use solvents that are hazardous and flammable. They can also create easily inhaled VOCs, and generally smell bad. “The Torrent is designed to significantly decrease employee exposure to harmful chemicals and to prevent harmful hydrocarbons from being absorbed though the skin. The Torrent also eliminates noxious fumes and potentially life threatening fire hazards”, says Curt Selby, Partsmaster Director of Marketing.

In addition to human safety, the Torrent is also well suited to be environmentally friendly. It is designed to eliminate the use of organic solvents and their negative environmental impact. The Torrent will also help achieve ISO 14001 goals by reducing the user’s environmental impact.

Partsmaster has been dedicated to providing innovative and effective solutions to the maintenance, repair and operations industries for over four decades. They are committed to offering solutions that improve worker productivity, safety and reduce environmental impact at the same time. The Torrent Parts Washer is a next generation aqueous parts washer machine, deigned to surpass alternative part cleaner machines in both effectiveness and safety.

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