Party Pop Artist Releases Instrumental in Anticipation of Future Lyrical Release


Olympia, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/03/2016 -- Thomas Washington III recently released the hot new instrumental track Cerveza, which was done as a prelude to the full lyrical version of the song coming out later this year. What has attracted the interest of the press is the fact that Washington has been attempting to attract Jennifer Lopez to come and dance to his song. The official release date for the lyrical version of Cerveza is August 1, 2016.

The release of the instrumental version is important because its intended to be played as the underpinning of numerous prominent social events that attract a certain class of rhythmically-informed socialite that primarily express themselves by moving their feet. Moreover, the piece of music is unique because it combines the amplification and heavy beats notable in modern hip-hop and rap music with an almost Latin flavor that produces an unusual sound.

Some journalists have elected to refer to Cerveza as an example of the fast emerging party pop genre, which is a fitting term considering that the song could get anyone moving. That being said, music fans are waiting with bated breath for the lyrical version. Both versions of the song will of course encourage couples to dance while provoking an emotional response, as the beats are irresistible for anyone who has a sense of rhythm.

Much of the attention so far has been focused on how Thomas Washington III has been trying to attract the attention of JLo. Irresistible artists like Ms. Lopez would lend an air of authenticity to the song, and many fans have expressed an interest in seeing her and other top rhythm celebrities dancing to Cerveza. Currently the existing 15:39 long instrumental version is available for download from CD Baby for $2.99. Fans who are interested in more information should visit Mr. Washington's HearNow page. Additionally, fans can also communicate with the artist on his Twitter page.

While all ears will be on the instrumental for now, which was also released in 2016, anticipation is high for the lyrical version. The firm of Orelia, Thelma & Thomas has been promoting the song through a number of component Web pages, which should continue to give the song a high profile. When the lyrical version of the song is released, Thomas Washington III feels that it will be a way to communicate his artistic ideas to the world. Until then, however, the questions seems to be whether fans will finally get a chance to see JLo dance to the hot exotic beats found in Cerveza.

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