Now Medical Students Can Learn Anatomy at Home and Pass Anatomy Exams Easily with the TeamWorx Anatomy Courses


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/14/2014 -- Following the advice of 'Abundance' author Peter Diamandis and taking action to provide students with excellent, real-world training for anatomy, students who want to learn but don't have time, money or inclination to invest years and tens of thousands of dollars to study at a brick-and-mortar college or school, when they can study and learn online today, TeamWorx announced today its special program.

With the cost of college these days just a ball-and-chain enslaving nearly all new graduates, bright students who want careers as paramedic, physician assistant, nurse, doctor of chiropractic, doctor of naturopathy, trainer or sports professional, physical injury law attorney, researcher or anatomist, artist or medical doctor, are getting that they CAN learn at home! TeamWorx' commitment to supporting health and wellness, as well as preparing students for the national and state-level exams with the best advances in trauma-surgery-and-drugs, leads frequently to 'cutting edge' solutions to problems students face, patients and practitioners (and student-practitioners who WANT to study for a license) in order to take health and healing to the infirm and dis-eased among humankind, as quickly as possible.

Teaming with Dr James Ross, TeamWorx proudly presents a home-study program for students who need to study anatomy and LEARN IT, at home, quickly and effectively. Dr Ross has put together an outstandingly effective and easily affordable home-study course for anatomy students so they can pass today's rigorous certification tests with confidence and ease.

Whether physical injury law attorney, researcher or anatomist, medical artist or medical doctor, paramedics, physicians assistants, nurses, doctor of chiropractic, doctor of naturopathy, trainer or sports professional, more and more students have only praise for Dr Ross' study material, which TeamWorx is pleased to offer here:

Dr Ross' software gives student learning tools, video training, premium training, and advanced training, which enable users to obtain benefits in their studies. It contains a step-by-step PDF e-book and a comprehensive system of anatomical study from A-Z. Additionally, the software guides the users on HOW to study for anatomy tests AND REMEMBER what they are learning; plus valuable tips in video tutorials. Whether students study to pass tests, exams or licensing requirements (DC, Doctor of Chiropractic; ND, Naturopathic Doctor; or paramedic, trainer or injury lawyer, this course compresses thousands of dollars worth of study into an easily-learned format that helps students GET and KEEP the factual realities of gross (large, not-cellular) anatomy and the physiology that occurs when the human body actually FUNCTIONS.

Getting an ironclad, 60-day guarantee this is an excellent choice for art students, health-wellness students, accident students or medicine-trauma students, to assist school studies, examination studies or study at home.

For readers wanting a look at the strengths and balance of this learning system, and the official website, here is the anatomy course:

Outstanding value, trustworthy 60-day guarantee and hundreds of satisfied students, surprised at their ability to study this wonderful subject and uploading their testimonials to the effectiveness of this study program are reasons to get this today.

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