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Passfeed Presents a New Social App to Help People Connect with Their Loved Ones

Passfeed is a latest social networking app that allows people to share photos and connect with each other instantly. It also contains certain other advanced features.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/29/2015 -- People hardly have time to chat and gossip with their loved ones in today's busy world. They often crave for ways to talk as well as to share their feelings with each other so as to reduce the stress of rat racing competitions. For them Passfeed can be an ideal online application to connect with each other and to share as well as communicate with each other. It is the latest American social networking application that can be easily downloaded on iPhones and other smartphones running on Android. With the help of this app they can easily chat with one another and can share messages or photos. With the help of this party finder app they can also easily make new friends.

The Passfeed app is quite ideal for people burdened with considerable workloads as it enables them to discover latest music, books and movies and thus help to spend the time in a refreshed manner. It also helps them to express their opinion, reaction as well as their viewpoints through this platform. Users have the option of subscribing to this application by using their smartphones just mentioning the mail id.The LBS function of this app has made it possible for the users to search for nearby friends instantly. The application intends to leverage upon the possibilities which a smartphone offers and present a platform for users to communicate with others with ease. The application also provides the users with an opportunity to post their precious moments in their life in the form of photos which they can easily share with other viewers.

Users can easily upload any photos or videos and show it to other netizens within less period of time. People do not have to suffer from the occasional technical lag which they often experience using other applications. The data transmission is very fast and people can forward messages instantly and engage in chats without any trouble.This app has been devised keeping the conveniences of the users in mind and so it also provides additional facility such as recording any journey based on accurate location service. As a result people having lost their journey track can forward their exact locations to their relatives and other acquaintances for further guidance. This app is quite ideal for party lovers for sending quick invitation for the event to the friends and relatives. There are host of benefits which the app can offer and it users would be surprised to know about the options while they keep on using the application.

About Passfeed
Passfeed is a popular American social networking application for easy people to people connection. By using this app, users can share and upload photos of their precious moment with many viewers and can get the feedback. To know more log on to the portal of this app or download the app for free.

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