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Passion for Life Can Be Rediscovered With Author Rémy Chaussé's 45-Day Plan


Tustin, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2012 -- Self-improvement programs are designed to help individuals transform their lives by tackling the same reasons they sought help in the first place. Such programs do not work for those who aren’t prepared for it; but for those who are willing to make changes in their lives, help is on the way.

Rediscovering the meaning of life is simply 45 days away with optimism expert Rémy Chaussé’s plan. Throughout her years, the expert learned that finding your passion is a simple answer, gained by answering the question, “How?”

When anyone wants to change their life, they ask: “How can I make a change in my life? How can I move on to the next level? How can I find the happiness and prosperity that I deserve?”

With Rémy Chaussé, finding your purpose in life and the answer to “How?” can become a reality. “What we really need to know is ‘how!’…we can take those very wise, very helpful words and put them into action,” explains Chaussé.

Anyone who has ever said that they wanted to find “my purpose in life” has found a solution. The optimism coach’s plan takes her clients’ lives to the next level. For just $97—just over $2 per day—the 45-Day Challenge is a powerful process that not only creates the ideal image of a client’s future, but also motivates them to turn their visions into a reality.

With the 45-Day Challenge, clients can expect to gain a greater level of clarity and insight, take months and years off of the learning curve, tap into proven strategies to find the next level of success, avoid the most common mistakes that keep them stuck, and discover their own unique success strategies.

Rémy Chaussé assigns 45 assignments, one for each day, so that her client can totally immerse himself or herself in the challenge.

Individuals that are looking for a new attitude, new belief, a new level of success, or inspiration achieve their goals are encouraged to take the challenge. It will teach “the same proven, real-world strategies that the most successful people swear by – and teach you ‘how’ you can use them to bring more opportunity and more success, as well as find passion and fulfillment in your career and life,” writes the optimism expert. She maintains that all of her clients have the potential for a passionate life despite wherever they are right now.

About Rémy Chaussé
Rémy Chaussé is the bestselling author of “Living Life as an Exclamation Point!” Rémy has inspired people all around the globe, sharing her breakthrough methods for personal fulfillment and professional success. She delights audiences with poignant, and sometimes hilarious real-life stories of triumph, and weaves heart, motivation and inspiration into every event. Rémy has been featured on talk shows and at events across the nation. For more information, please visit http://www.remychausse.com