Passiontails Announces New Trends for Australian Parties

Spicing up parties with cocktail machines and other equipment is this decade's signature trend, Passiontails reports


Canning Vale, Western Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/30/2014 -- The question of how to make a party different and exciting has dogged hosts for generations. Each decade seems to have its own signature method, and the 2010s are no different. Now, Australians have an exciting new option that is certain to take off and become a party standard: rented frozen cocktail machines ( Combined with other party machinery, they can make the difference between a standard party and one that is new and unique.

"Our products are obviously designed for parties that are attended by those of drinking age," said Michael, a spokesman for cocktail machine maker Passiontails ( "However, the crowd is usually quite young. They appreciate the sweetness of fruit cocktails and the novelty of having a commercial-grade slushie cocktail maker right in the room."

Frozen fruit cocktail machines don't produce the all-artificial slushies found in some stores. Instead, they use real fruit juice and other natural ingredients to produce their drinks. Customers provide the alcohol to turn slushies into cocktails. If non-alcoholic drinks are desired, as is the case for children's parties, obtaining them is as simple as not putting any spirits into the mix.

Drink machines aren't the only pieces of party equipment hitting the scene in Australia these days. Jukebox hire is also on the upswing. Unlike the fruit smoothie makers, jukeboxes are popular across a wide variety of age groups. Young people find them an inexpensive alternative to DJs or live bands. They also like how a jukebox looks far more upscale - and sounds much better - than the typical portable stereo system. Older people, on the other hand, find that bringing in a jukebox is a great way to add authenticity to a 50s party or other retro event.

Other party machines are good not for older people, but for those who may be too young to legally enjoy frozen cocktails. Machines that make popcorn or fairy floss, photo booths, and other additions instantly bring a carnival or movie theater atmosphere to the party area. For children, frozen drink machines can easily be set up to serve fruit slushies and smoothies without the alcohol. This makes it easy to take care of liquid refreshment needs for all ages.

"A party in Australia is no longer limited to the boring old patterns, no matter what ages will be attending or hosting the event," Michael enthused. "With so many options available, every celebration can create lifelong memories and stand out from all the rest. Even if everyone in a social circle uses some sort of party machines, the variety and theming options are so extensive that every event can be different from all others."

About Passiontails
Passiontails is an Australian company that offers frozen cocktail machines, jukeboxes, popcorn makers, photo booths, and even more options for parties in all of the country's major cities and surrounding areas. Its wide range of machines makes it easy to hold an unforgettable party for any age group.