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Passivating Agents Market Geographical Evaluation by 2025

The U.S. nations and the Middle East countries are expected to hold significant opportunities for developments in the field of petrochemical refineries throughout the forecast period.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/26/2018 -- Passivating agents market is one of the growing markets, with the increasing manufacturing of equipment made of stainless steel across the globe. The common types of passivating agents, for the chemical treatment of stainless steel in order to offer corrosion resistance, are available as organic oils, inorganic chemical passivates and passivating agent films. It is widely used for the coil coating process in steel industries. The passivating agents offer temporary protection to components and parts machined of stainless steel by reducing the reaction of the metals. The passivating agents when applied, slowdown the corrosion rate on the surface of the respective tools and equipment.

The passivation process is meant to enhance the corrosion resistance of the metal surfaces such as titanium, magnesium, aluminium and stainless steel in particular, which is sometimes applied with the pre-treatment of top coats such as e-coat or powdered coat. This offers additional benefits including, reduced cost of operation and higher production than other traditional methods such as plasma-electrolytic oxidation systems, electrical continuity and so on.

Thus, it is expected that the passivating agents market will witness substantial growth over the substitute treatments during the forecast period, for its cost effective solution and long lasting corrosion free efficacy on the metal parts surface.

Passivating Agents Market: Drivers and Restraints

Although stainless steel has natural characteristics to resist corrosion, the application of passivating agents aids in increasing its efficiency in a very cost effective manner. The demand for passivating agents is increasing in the areas where the metal parts are fabricated by machining or cold forming, which lead to degradation of the components' surface areas if basic precautions are not taken. Also, the passivating agents market is driven by the fields where the components or equipment come in contact with inflammable liquids. Thus, with the rising construction of huge refineries, it is expected that the passivating agents market will remain prevalent over the forecast period.

However, use of passivating agents containing chrome VI chemicals is expected to gain only trivial opportunities in the passivating agents market as its application is banned for the electrical and electronic consumer goods, passenger cars or commercial vehicles weighing less than 3.5 tonnes. Based on RoHS Directive 2002/53/EC, the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act and based on ELV Directive 2000/53/EC, End-of-Life Vehicles Act, Germany, the exceptions and relevant regulations are laid down to standardize the use of passivating agents. Similarly, concerning labour safety in the steel processing and steel making industries, the environment regulatory bodies have prohibited the discharge of chromium above 5 µg/L.

Passivating Agents Market: Segmentation

Passivating agents market can be segmented based on the product type as:

Nitric Acid
Citric Acid
Red Lead
Calcium Plumbate
Passivating agents market can be segmented based on the application as:

Petrochemical Industry
Refinery Industry
Automobile Industries
Hydrogen Plants
Sea Water Applications
Nuclear Plants

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Passivating Agents Market: Region Wise Outlook

Based on geography, passivating agents market is expected to remain predominant in the Asia Pacific, as a majority of oil refineries are situated in this region. India, hosting one of the largest oil refineries in the world is expected to create robust opportunities for passivating agents market over the forecast period, followed by South Korea and Venezuela. China, being one of the significant producers of chemicals, is expected to witness noteworthy growth of passivating agents market over the forecast period. The European nations are expected to witness sturdy growth in the passivating agents market for its substantial growth in automotive sector.