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Passive Income Portfolio: New Book Shares Hidden Secrets of Generating True Residual Income

Covering a myriad of options from real estate and select businesses to web stores and ready-made income generators, money-making pragmatist Nish Bali’s new book showcases the most successful residual income systems that anyone can deploy.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/07/2013 -- For millions of Americans the economic downturn still rubs off on their pockets. However, thanks to a revolutionary new book by one of the country’s most successful passive income analysts, the many genuinely successful residual income systems are now introduced and explained to even the layman.

Nish Bali’s ‘Passive Income Portfolio’ presents the often complex business and financial concepts in an easy-to-digest and straightforward format. Providing step-by-step blueprints for producing residual income across a wide range of industries, the book takes a dynamic and technical approach to achieving extra life-changing income.

“Everything is covered from real estate and the internet to a wide selection of specific passive business systems,” explains Bali, who brings a certain degree of academic rigor to this subject while maintaining a lucid writing style.

He continues, “There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on courses, fluffy lessons or on websites that produce no return. My book contains laser-targeted information and examples that will allow anyone to both acquire and finance serious income generating systems.”

While the book covers an abundance of different subjects and industries, a number of core concepts run throughout.

- Understand the secret of generating residual income employed by all passive producers
- Which residual income systems actually work, and are not just hype
- Identify success factors and profitability drivers for passive income generation in different industries
- What it takes to stand out from major players within any chosen industry
- Techniques to acquire and finance income producing systems
- Understand the metrics for choosing between various passive-income types

The book begins its journey with a known and time-tested investment model – Real-estate, and builds on from there into more hybrid investment models and passive business systems. “The Real-estate section shows readers how to narrow down properties and locate deals, how to work out the financials like a pro, how to secure vital and alternative financing, how to rent those properties within already-saturated or traditionally weak climates, and provides real life cases to reinforce these strategies,” Bali adds. The next chapters take the concepts and learning from the Real-estate model and morphs it into a brand of select residual business systems that follow the principles of ‘3-Lows’. These subsequent chapters deal not only with success frameworks for a variety of such passive businesses, but also outline ways to finance and acquire them.

Those wanting to stick to home-based methods will relish the author’s strong focus on internet-centric systems. Information includes:

- How to narrow down and ultimately select products to sell
- The pitfalls to avoid when setting up a blog or web store
- The models that companies such as Google, Yahoo and Facebook use to create, sustain and monetize users and how to implement similar strategies in your own business

Of course, not everyone has the time and resources to invest in the setup of a bespoke business.

Therefore, those looking for low-cost cash generating tactics will enjoy Bali’s section dedicated to ‘self-created’ or self-designed income systems. From guiding readers through a series of novel cash-producing creations to providing invaluable tips on their setup and maintenance – the book’s extensive depiction removes much of the risk and frustration often associated with designing income generating products.

“This isn’t hype, it is totally true – many students and moms are making serious residual and even passive income from their laptop computers, with little investment. The key is to select the right system and run it in a way that maximizes its potential. Each system in my book has stood the test of time and is highly credible,” Bali explains.

This wisdom is shared not just through factual analysis, but through actual examples. In fact, the book’s real-world application is what critics praise for standing out from all other books in the income generating genre.

“Each chapter is supported with examples and studies of each system in action. This is the only way to demonstrate the real-world potential of each system, as well as inspire readers by showcasing other people in exactly their situation,” adds Bali.

In short, “Passive Income Portfolio” will enable anyone to understand the metrics of choosing between various passive-income types and comprehend the process of building a portfolio of passive-income.

For more information and to purchase the book today, visit: http://www.amazon.com/Passive-Income-Portfolio-Generating-Industries/dp/1478138610/ or http://www.amazon.com/The-Passive-Income-Portfolio-ebook/dp/B00BA7QQ7S/

About the Author: Nish Bali
Nish Bali has been involved in public and private consulting, project management and business research during the course of his career. He has an MS from the University of California, Berkeley.