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PASTOR'S NEW BOOK OFFERS REBUTTAL to SAM HARRIS' "LYING" Author Mike Robinson Unlocks New Insights Into Why Lying Is Harmful: "Lying: The Case Against Deception"


Granbury, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/25/2013 -- Pop-atheist Sam Harris’ book The Moral Landscape was a runaway bestseller and the author is poised to confront the problem of dishonesty with a new book Lying. However, author and Pastor Mike Robinson presents a rebuttal to Harris’ book with Robinson's new title, Lying: The Case Against Deception, now available on Amazon.

Robinson's publication is a direct response to the anti-religious views saturating the media regarding the foundation for objective moral values, such as Michael Martin’s Atheism, Morality, and Meaning. Robinson is an author of numerous books on apologetics, and in his new book he calls upon individuals and nations to realize the need for honesty and objective moral values. Using scripture and philosophy, he provides arguments that demonstrate why lying and dishonesty cannot be ignored by religious people or skeptics. In “Lying: The Case Against Dishonesty” the reader will learn the reasons why lying is wrong while discovering numerous proofs for the existenceof God—much of the material discusseslying within the context of objective moral values.

The author works from an innovative approach that will equip the scholar or the non-specialist with the latest apologetic research; the book is path-breaking in its readability of difficult concepts. Lying: The Case Against Deception is a valuable resource and a must-read for every Christian, minister, and apologist. Robinson presents a clearly defined treatise on the obligation of honesty that is easy-to-understand with lessons that help the reader appreciate and understand why God issued moral absolutes. The book examines the various inaccuracies of the new atheists, such as Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and others. Lying: The Case Against Deceptionis now available on Amazon for $9.99 in a Kindle edition and in paperback.

About the Author: Mike Robinson
Mike Robinson of Granbury, Texas is the author of dozens of books on apologetics. He serves as the long-time pastor of Christ Covenant Church and instructor at CCBS. Please visit his blog at for further details.

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