Patent Expiries of Major Blockbusters to Drive Biosimilar Market

According to RNCOS, “major blockbuster drugs that will go off patent will serve as a major influence on the biosimilar market”.


Noida, UP -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2014 -- In US alone drugs worth US$ 67 Billion will lose patent protection by 2020. These patent expiries lined up until 2020 are proving to be the major driver for the biosimilar market. Most of these biologics belong to the category of mAbs and as evident from the pipeline, biosimilar manufacturers are eagerly waiting for them to lose their patents, so that biosimilars can cash in quickly.

Research Analysis & Highlights

According to our latest research report, “Global Biosimilar Market Outlook 2018”, although the current biosimilars market is small, the future looks optimistic due to the contribution of factors including the patent expiry of blockbuster drugs and the need for affordable healthcare. Our report discusses these major trends and drivers in detail and the influence they will have on the market. Emerging markets will play the role of a major driver on the biosimilar market. This can be attributed to the local policies and the biosimilar attitude of these regions. Biosimilars offer a way of widening access and providing better value from the money spent on healthcare. The governments in these economies are also the realizing this potential and encouraging the growth of biosimilars by defining clear regulatory pathways for their smooth approval.

In our report, we have segmented the biosimilars market into various categories such as EPO, HGH, IFN, mAb, Insulin and G-CSF. Each market has been analyzed in terms of major approved biosimilars, drug pipeline, and the impact of patent expiries of important biologics. Similarly, major geographies are also discussed. Apart from the most regulated market of Europe, other economies such as US, India, China and Korea have been discussed. The regulatory scenario of all the economies has been presented.

At the end, major players based in key economies have been profiled. A brief business overview of these players is given alongwith approved biosimilar products and the ones in the pipeline. The strong biosimilar pipelines of these players need to be monitored carefully as they have the potential to change the whole scenario within the near future. Overall, the report will help provide a good understanding of the market and the recent trends that are prevailing.

Some of the key findings of the report are:

- Rise in Collaborations Aiding Biosimilar Development
- Government Support Encouraging the Growth of Biosimilars
- Highly untapped Insulin biosimilar market, a great opportunity area

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