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Patent for Magline CooLift Is Granted

Magline CooLift Patent Granted


Standish, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2013 -- With the CooLift Delivery System, product can be delivered to the store with up to 50% reduction in driver product touches. The CooLift systems have demonstrably increased delivery efficiency, improved driver retention and longevity, and provided for lower fleet operating costs. The patent number is 8,828,111 and was granted October 9, 2012. Assignees are Magline, Inc. and Swift Water Logistics, Inc.

Patent Name: Cart with Movable Platform

Important parts of the Patent include:

- It is a system consisting of a special pallet and cart designed to operate together for efficient and safe operation in a route delivery environment
- The cart interlocks with the pallet as it lifts the pallet to provide a stable platform for transporting goods
- The cart includes as part of the electro-hydraulic lifting mechanism a linkage system to stabilize the lifting platform
- The cart also includes a brake system to provide speed control for the user, as well as a means to lock the cart in place when loading, unloading or storing the cart and pallet.
- The cart's suspension is designed for exceptional maneuverability and to reduce the effort needed to clear obstacles such as door thresholds

CooLift is a new electro-hydraulic lift cart and pallet system used in route delivery applications and the system has a maximum capacity of 1,500 lb of payload. The pallet and lift cart are designed to interlock with each other to provide stable support of customer product during transportation and the lift cart includes an integral braking system; the suspension system is designed for optimal maneuverability and allows delivery personnel to take the cart into most convenient store coolers. The Magliner CooLift Delivery System helps deliver more product in less time - safely and efficiently. The system allows drivers to be more productive, work safer, and stay on the job longer.

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