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Path Brands Teaches People How to Strengthen Their Core and Improve Their Balance

Path Brands has found a nice looking exercise disc that should be included in every fitness routine in order to improve balance and strengthen core muscles.


Belle Isle, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/07/2014 -- Many individuals realize that core exercises are good for them, yet, they still fail to include core exercises in their fitness routine. Each fitness routine should have core exercises. Core exercises train the muscles in the pelvis, hips, lower back and abdomen to work in harmony. By improving these muscles, the individual will have better stability and balance. Path Brands has discovered a way to help strengthen the core muscles and improve balance and it all involves an inflatable exercise disc. The inflatable exercise disc is an inflatable round cushion that is strong enough for a human to sit or stand on.

The exercise balance disc, also referred to as a“Wiggle Seat,” or balance cushion, can support up to 350 pounds of weight and it is easy to carry around. These sic balance cushions have a variety of uses. For starters, parents who have children may be interested in them, because “wiggle seats” have been shown to help children stay more focused while sitting for an extended amount of time. This disc also helps to alleviate back pain, improve core stability and improve flexibility by promoting movement, toning and exercise to the abdominal region.

These balance cushions are used primarily to:

- Strengthen the core stability muscles
- Decrease back pain
- Improve proprioception after surgery or injuries involving the leg
- Help children with ADHD stay still

Individuals who need to improve their proprioception tend to use the balance cushion. Here are some examples of injuries where a stability disc can be used to improve proprioception:
- Arthritis
- Sprained Ankle
- After Knee Cartilage Surgery
- Following Joint Replacement Surgery
- After a Knee Anterior Cruciate Injury
- After a Collateral Knee Ligament Injury

Path Brands encourages individuals to start using these inflatable exercise discs so they can improve their flexibility, balance and coordination.

About Path Brands
Path Brands is a company that is focused on helping individuals improve their stability and core muscles by using exercise discs also known as wiggle seats.

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