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Path Unveiled: Soul-Stirring New Book from the Founder of Internationally Recognized 'Joshua Campaign'


Pine Mountain Club, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/28/2014 -- Karl Hargestam asks the question of everyone he meets: “What is your assignment in life? Do you know it?”

Since founding the Joshua Campaign, a pioneer mission and evangelism movement, as well as founding Mission One Eleven and hosting the wildly popular television show, ‘The Assignment’, Hargestam has delivered the message of Christ to over 3.5 million people across the globe.

Now, with his new book, ‘Path Unveiled’, the second installment in his series, ‘The Assignment’, Hargestam continues where he left off in ‘Journey to the Extreme’.

Following the paths of the two main characters, Cole and Monique, the novel is based on real-life events and experiences. Exploring the notion of ‘unlocking’ God’s journey for each individual, the book challenges the reader to search through their own lives to see how they would react to a certain situation, and as well, recognize how they need to spiritually root themselves and find their own purpose.

“It’s a beautiful, powerful thing that happens when someone responds to the realization, ‘the purpose with my life must be more than this…’” says Hargestam. “Often, it’s difficult for human beings to see the connections in their lives, and see how events work together for the greater good – but with the lessons people will learn in ‘Path Unveiled’, they’ll be able to finally put the puzzle pieces together. My only wish and only hope is that readers will be inspired to find God’s assignment for their lives.”


Looking back at the events that transpired on the mission fields, I often wonder if they really occurred because they seem surreal with the passage of time. Yet, I know they did. My feet were on the soil of tribes unaware of our way of life. I was often the first messenger to reach remote tribes with the Gospel discovering that while on God’s assignment, the impossible became possible.

The way events have unfolded, in my life, is a testimony to the amazing blessing of connecting to Gods assignment. How events work together for good is a puzzle until you start seeing the full picture in perspective after the pieces have fallen in place. Those events make for a good story to share in friendly company but I have been encouraged through the years to share them with the public. The stories are the basis for this book, hopefully inspiring you to find God’s assignment for your life.

The Church recognizes that the only “assignment” given it is to make disciples of all nations. According to God’s word, Jesus Christ will not return until the gospel is preached to all the world as a witness to all nations. (Matt 24:14) Every nation, tribe, people and language will be represented in the blood-washed Church of Jesus Christ; (Rev 7:9). We believe, it should be a birthright for every person to hear the gospel at least one time in their life.

“One Chance for Every Person” is what our mission work calls this assignment! Nothing demonstrates the journey of spreading the gospel better than the faces and foot paths we’ve encountered in our missionary work. While, the names, places, and events have been altered for the purpose of publication, this book represents real life toils we’ve had on the mission field.

Since its release, ‘The Assignment Series’ has touched thousands of readers and earned rave reviews.

“The book highlights several important and relevant topics of our global modern society like charity, calling, adoption, and mission work. As a traveler, I loved the descriptions of all the different locations in Israel and Haiti where the book outplays. A great read for people who needs to gain new perspective on how their calling can change the world for other people,” wrote Pontus Hornmark.

‘Path Unveiled (The Assignment Series) (Volume 2)’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1hsCRvO

About Karl Hargestam
At the age of 21 Karl Hargestam left his home Sweden, for the mandate God has given him to reach the unreached people in Africa with the Gospel. During his early ministry in Africa, Karl, together with his family and staff, became the reason to an enormous change amongst African tribes that never before had heard the name of Jesus. Many of these tribes now have strongly established local churches. Karl and his wife Jennifer are founders of Joshua Campaign International, a pioneer mission and evangelism movement that reaches hundreds of thousands each year and have seen more than 3 million people respond to the Gospel. In their crusades they have had crowds of over 300,000 in one single service. Thousands of churches have been planted as they call for a Gospel army of believers to join the great “assignment”. Millions of people in Africa, Asia and Middle East have been impacted by the work of Joshua Campaign and the “assignment” is now leading Karl, Jennifer and their team into new unconquered territories around the world.

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