Patient Allegedly Discharged for Having No Insurance: It Can Happen to You


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2014 -- Medical emergency is something that no one would want to experience, not only because of the costs, but also due to the stress you can experience from it. There are even instances wherein the patient’s status has gone detrimental due to medical malpractice malpractice.Shocking stories like doctors misdiagnosing their patient, negligence of the nurses and other staff of the hospitals which resulted in worsening of the patient’s condition are evident cases common to NY medical malpractice.

The Case of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital

In Texas, Thomas Duncan a man, who is believe to be the first US victim of Ebola has gained popularity and become a topic of heavy debate in the online community due to the allegations that his case has been mishandled, which is believed to be contributory to not being able to execute the proper response in such an emergency situation. Many have been quick to judge the hospital because of its demonstration of incompetence, indecency, and ignorance. Clearly, considering Ebola is a global health problem, they failed to show preparedness.

Amongst others, however, one of the most stunning incidents was that he was denied proper treatment because of the lack of US health insurance. Although this has been already denied by the hospital, relatives continue to claim this has been a contributing factor to the lack of proper response from the hospital.

Handling NY Medical Malpractice
If in case you are unfortunate enough to endure the same denial of handling because of supposed lack of insurance, or in case the medical institution has gone bad to show proper response to your condition, you have a serious reason to look for aid from medical malpractice lawyers NY

These hospitals have the social duty of being able to have comprehensive preparedness, especially in such a problem as Ebola. Their nurses and staff should also know how to handle the patient properly and any wrongdoing in can lead into legal culpability.

About Medical Malpractice Lawyers NY
Working with medical malpractice lawyers NY is recommended because of their experience and expertise in handling such cases in the past. With their knowledge, you will find it easier to make the hospital or any party liable for what has happened to you. This is not only for the purpose of being compensated, but also teach these institutions a lesson so that the same mistake will not happen again in the future.

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