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Patient Gowns from ImageFIRST Puerto Rico Positively Impact Patient Perception


San Juan, Puerto Rico -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/15/2016 -- ImageFIRST, a healthcare laundry and linen rental service provider that covers a significant portion of the continental United States and Puerto Rico, is dedicated to positively impacting their customers and their patients every day. This company is passionate about delivering quality medical linen rental and laundry service, including products like scrub uniforms in Puerto Rico, so that their customers are free to focus on excellent patient care and overall meeting their goals. Since patient perception is one of the biggest concerns for medical facilities today, ImageFIRST offers patient gowns that have been found to positively impact the perception patients have of a facility.

When patients view a facility's products and services negatively, it can impact their perception of the quality of care. If patients are forced to wear gowns that appear dirty, are stained, ripped or just uncomfortable, they will most likely have a lower perception of the medical facility and the quality of care that the facility provides. However, patient perception can easily be changed from negative to positive by switching to high-quality patient gowns.

A case study recently featured on The Beryl Institute's website about Eastside Medical, an inpatient/outpatient medical facility, illustrates this effect. They earned significant boosts in patient perception by trading in their old patient robes from their former provider for soft and luxurious robes from ImageFIRST's Comfort Care line. The full case study is available for a free download on ImageFIRST's website.

ImageFIRST provides a product line of medical uniforms, patient gowns and linens, and scrubs uniforms in Puerto Rico. ImageFIRST has decades of experience in servicing the healthcare industry and goes beyond industry standards by providing processes that offer up to 99.999% reduction in bacteria. These high-quality products and services help ImageFIRST's customers deliver exceptional care to their patients. To learn more about their industry-leading products and services, contact ImageFIRST Puerto Rico at 1- 800-932-7472.

About ImageFIRST Puerto Rico
Founded in 1967, ImageFIRST is the largest and fastest growing national linen rental and laundry service specializing in the outpatient medical market. ImageFIRST's 36 locations nationwide serve over 5,500 medical offices every week, providing linen, patient gowns, scrubs and much more while partnering with facilities to better manage linen inventory. With a customer retention rate of over 95%, ImageFIRST is dedicated to improving patient satisfaction through quality linens and remarkable service: their Comfort Care gowns product line increases patients' favorable perception of a facility by more than 50%.

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