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Patients Can Tighten Aging Skin with the Profound Treatment at Acqua Blu Medical Spa


Pittsburgh, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/04/2017 -- Those who are facing the unwanted effects of aging can now be rid of sagging skin, fine lines, or wrinkles with Acqua Blu Medical Spa's Profound™ treatment. This treatment only involves a short 40-minute office visit, and has been clinically-proven to achieve dramatic results. Taking care of the imperfections in a patient's face, chin, or neck, the Profound™ treatment is an entirely innovative method that gives patients a newer option for improvement other than surgery or injectable treatments.

The Profound™ treatment uses temperature-controlled radiofrequency designed to refresh and create new elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid. Elastin is a protein that is found in the skin, which stretches and contracts in a similar fashion to a spring. It is what allows tissues to coil back into place after being elongated. Whereas, collagen is what provides structure to the skin, keeping it smooth and firm. These components allow for skin to continue looking fresh, youthful, and sleek.

This revolutionary approach utilizes exact amounts of energy to yield the greatest result while minimizing any other adverse effects like swelling or redness. The Profound™ treatment will solve many common cosmetic concerns, such as the "turkey neck", where skin has begun to sag on the neck; sagging jowls; as well as lines and wrinkles marking up the face. It is the best solution for many patients who are looking to improve themselves while also avoiding more invasive measures.

To find out more about the Profound™ treatment or to schedule a complimentary consultation, please call Acqua Blu Medical Spa at: 724-933-1800 right away.

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When a patient steps into Acqua Blu Medical Spa, they have come to a unique, non-surgical facility that is built around a wide-variety of medical treatments for the health and restoration of the skin. These treatments promote a concept of unequaled and sustainable beauty that deliver results each and every time. All treatment plans are customized to the patient and presented based on their varying circumstances. Acqua Blu Medical Spa's owner and operator, Dr. Brian V. Heil is a board-certified plastic surgeon who is backed by a team of skilled and experienced professionals who are always dedicated in providing patients with the right guidance and advice.

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