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Patients Seek Alternative Pain Relief from Bay Area Chiropractor Dr. Scott Phillips


Berkely, Ca -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2011 -- It seems the number of people who regularly take some form of pain medicine increases every year. Whether they are taking the medication for headaches, muscle aches or back aches, in many cases the drugs can alter a person’s ability to function properly and also carry harsh side effects. Additionally, these products generally cover the symptoms, but do nothing to improve the actual issues causing the pain.

In a large number of cases, people have found that they can use D.N.F.T. chiropractic care to reduce, control or eliminate their pain.

Past and current patients are raving about the wonderful results they have received with this specialized treatment from Dr. Scott Phillips, a licensed Chiropractor with two decades of chiropractic and D.N.F.T. experience. Hailed as the “best Chiropractor in Bay Area,” Dr. Phillips, Berkeley Chiropractor, sees most of his business from repeat customers and referrals due to its outstanding rating. Dr. Phillips excels in utilizing D.N.F.T. chiropractic to help people relieve not only bodily pain, but also minor nagging sensations they might otherwise endure all their lives. As noted in the nonforce.com website, "D.N.F.T. adjustments are comprehensive and include: spine, pelvis, cranials, shoulder, upper and lower extremities, TMJ, and organ reflexes."

Developed by Dr. Richard Van Rumpt in 1923, D.N.F.T., www.nonforce.com, uses gentle and directionally specific thumb impulses to provide long-lasting corrections to both the bony and soft tissue structures, without the cracks, pops or twists. The innate intelligence of the body allows a person’s body to naturally heal with the correct balance of a physical and mental diet, and exercise. "D.N.F.T. adjustments are comprehensive and include: spine, pelvis, cranials, shoulder, upper and lower extremities, TMJ, and organ reflexes."

Nathan G., a past patient of Dr. Phillips, Berkeley Chiropractor, said Dr. Phillips helped him lessen his pain almost immediately.

“I had severe chronic inflammation in my neck from a work-related injury for the last three years,” said Nathan G. “I went to see Dr. Scott Phillips and with regular treatments, within a few weeks time, half my pain went away. And by the end of the month, 80 percent of the pain was reduced. I cannot put into words how grateful I am to for being introduced to Dr. Phillips. His unique, compassionate and very effective methods are worth giving it a go if you need lasting pain relief!”

Many other people searching for a “Chiropractor Bay Area” have chosen Dr. Phillips based on his specializations and top ratings. Dr. Phillips, Berkeley Chiropractor, manages a varied practice and responds to a broad range of conditions from personal injury to occupational therapy and sports injuries. Dr. Phillips views himself as having a family-focused practice that cultivates long-lasting relationships with its clients. For those also searching for Oakland Chiropractic and San Francisco Chiropractic, Dr. Scott Phillips has established a growing reputation for exemplary customer service and effective treatment planning. For more information, visit http://www.DrScottPhillips.com

About Dr. Scott Phillips:
For two decades, Dr. Scott Phillips has dedicated his chiropractic practice in Berkeley to helping people of all ages reach their ultimate freedom of being able to do all the activities they love, and experience a pain-free body. Specializing in the Directional Non-Force Technique®, Dr. Phillips has created and maintained a reputation for delivering top-notch results and service to clients at his Berkeley Chiropractic office.