Joe Bragg Helps Philadelphia Drivers Avoid Fines by Dismissing Traffic Tickets in Court


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/31/2013 -- Every day, thousands of Pennsylvania drivers are charged with driving-related offenses. Some drivers get caught speeding, while others endanger the lives of fellow motorists by driving recklessly. Pennsylvania law is particularly harsh when it comes to driving penalties, and drivers faced with these infractions may pay thousands of dollars in fines or even lose their jobs.

One website called wants to prevent any of that from happening. At, visitors will find all of the information they need to know about hiring a traffic lawyer in Philadelphia.

The main feature of the site is the quote generation form. Found on the right hand side of the page, visitors can enter their name and contact information into this form along with brief details about their traffic infraction. After submitting the form, a legal representative will contact the client and recommend the best ways to proceed.

As a spokesperson for explains, lawyers can help drivers avoid all sorts of different tickets and fines:

“Whether the driver has been charged with a speeding ticket or a stop sign infraction, our website is designed to connect drivers with the expert legal services they need to get back on the road. In many cases, lawyers are able to dismiss all charges, which means the driver avoids high insurance rates, thousands of dollars in penalties, and even jail time.”

Along with speeding tickets, the website claims that red light tickets have sharply risen in recent years. Red light tickets are assigned to drivers who have been caught by automatic cameras at intersections. These cameras take a picture of the driver’s license plate when that driver runs a red light or speeds through an intersection.

Unlike traditional forms of policing, this controversial method doesn’t result in a ticket until several weeks in the future, when the driver receives the penalty in the mail. This unwelcome gift in the mail has been experienced by drivers across the city of Philadelphia, leading many to search for a good traffic ticket lawyer in Montgomery County and in other counties throughout the city.

Fortunately for drivers who have been charged with red light infractions, promises to help drivers solve red light tickets along with any other problems they might be experiencing. Whether charged with speeding or simply wanting to avoid unnecessary driver’s license points, aims to help drivers across Philadelphia access the intelligent and creative legal representation they need.

About is the online home of a Philadelphia-based team of traffic attorneys that aims to help drivers avoid speeding tickets, red light tickets, stop sign infractions, and other driving-related offenses. The website features a simple consultation form that anybody can fill out in order to receive advice on their case. For more information, please visit: