Patricia Gracia: Founder of Power Media Group Inc Is Bridging Communication Between Business Owners and Hispanic Consumers

Patricia Gracia is a big name in advertising and customer service industry of America, and she is helping business owners in creating Spanish language campaigns for the Hispanic market.


Santa Clarita, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2012 -- Patricia Gracia arrived to the United States at the age of 18 for the pursuit of her dreams, and with the support of his husband, Tony Gracia, she is the founder of a customer relation and advertising agency Power Group Inc and a non-profit organization called Power Woman Business Center. She started her career by providing customer service and support at Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills where she learned about the relationship between customers and business owners. She learned how to help customers with their questions and problems through enthusiasm and passion for her work. Her dedication for work earned her sponsorship from Peninsula Hotel where she was working, for a degree program at UCLA in the major of public relations.

Power Media Group Inc helps clients and business owners in finding customers in Hispanic countries in America. They help businesses and companies create marketing campaigns in Spanish and Hispanic languages. She uses her knowledge and skills she learned in the way to her success. Businesses and companies can find consumers in Hispanic countries in America through the experience and expertise her company Power Media Group Inc has.

When Patricia Gracia first moved to the United States by crossing the border at Tijuana she was full of passion to find new opportunities. During her internship at an ad agency, on her completion of her training, she was offered a permanent position at the production department of the agency. That was a breakthrough and a big opportunity to excel in the field of advertising which encouraged her to form her own agency in 2001.

After years of experience and exploring many other new opportunities, and forming her own agency, she is now helping new entrepreneurs and businesswomen who are new in advertising field. She formed the NGO in 2009 to help women find opportunities and resources to help them excel in the field. Power Women Business Center is a mentor for such women who have little resources but have great passion and a will to learn and find a good career in advertising. It also helps new businesses that lack fundamental resources and guides them in different stages of the business. This encourages new jobs and a boost to the economy of the United States. Power Women Business Center is based in Santa Clarita, CA where she works with new entrepreneurs and helps other through her vast experience and expertise.

Power Media Group Inc has also received numerous awards and immense recognition from both the government of the United States and some reputable companies. Patricia Gracia has also been featured and interview on a number of television shows in the United States.

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