Patrick Wulf Hanson Throws Light on the Science Behind Obesity in His Latest Book – "Obesity Causes and Consequences"

Giving a detailed insight about the causes and consequences of the uncontrollably increasing number of people suffering from overweight and obesity, medical communicator and author Patrick Wulf Hanson’s “Obesity Causes and Consequences” is a necessary book for everyone wishing to increase their knowledge and become a part of the fight against obesity.


Copenhagen, Denmark -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2016 -- In a world where overweight and obesity are on the rise the concern is not only massive for those affected. In many countries as much as 20% of total healthcare spending is used for obesity-related problems. Explaining the numbers related to why a third of the world's population is overweight and more than a third of overweight adults are obese, Patrick Wulf Hanson launches his book – "Obesity Causes and Consequences". The book covers the epidemiology related to obesity, including its worldwide distribution, and presents a "thorough, methodological and comprehensive but at the same time condensed and summarized overview of the pathophysiology, epidemiology and obesity-associated conditions and complications."

Focusing on obesity causes and obesity consequences, Hanson's book was written to increase awareness about the largely neglected condition in an attempt to promote more effective actions related to its prevention and management. Explaining the biological processes of overweight and obesity, Hanson's targeted readers are medical professionals, scientists in this field, students and affected people.

While most people speak up against obesity, very few actually contribute in the fight against the cause. Hanson is one of the people actively contributing towards solutions for obesity related problems. Through "Obesity Causes and Consequences", he also presents how obesity in children leads to complications later in life, for example, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Hanson, himself an obesity crusader, says, "There is no doubt that lack of awareness related to the causes of obesity and limited knowledge about how to manage the condition are major barriers in the global fight against obesity. Obesity affects everyone either directly or indirectly, so everyone also needs to pitch in and act. By increasing your own knowledge you are becoming an active and important part in the fight against obesity."

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Patrick Wulf Hanson is a dedicated scientific/medical communicator and project manager with more than 20 years of experience from working in Denmark, Sweden and USA. Patrick has always been able to concretely interpret and describe the most complicated inner workings of the human body and other scientific organisms in a simple and understandable way. In his work, he has covered everything from planning and writing peer reviewed articles, newsletters, detailing and brochures for marketing to more complex medical translations and strategic global projects related to communication concepts with regulators and other authorities.

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