Patriotic Shirts - American Hero T Shirt Changes the Face of Charitable E-Commerce

American Hero T Shirt introduces “flash” sales to increase charitable donations for patriotic charities.


Haven, KS -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2013 -- It is good every now and then to recall the brave soldiers who fought for the nation and lost their lives for their country. There shouldn’t be just a single day to recall the great martyred heroes of the nation but there should be something to show solidarity with them and their families. There are some other ways as well through which one can show that they haven’t forgotten their national heroes yet by doing something noble, something less similar to what those soldiers did for the country. And what could be better than this to wear Patriotic shirts that would reflect the love and the spirit of the country and with each American Hero T Shirt, a small amount of every purchase will go to a special designated charity.

American Hero T Shirt is a well known e-commerce website that is exclusively dedicated to creating patriotic T-Shirts and other clothing. Recently has come up with something different to increase the amount of money that is collected for charity, which is to launch a limited edition shirt that will only be available for seven days. A spokesperson for America Hero T shirt said, “American Hero T Shirt is all set to launch a series of limited edition patriotic shirts, which will be sold only for seven days each. The company expects the sales to contribute significantly to its charity outreach program.” This specifically done to push the Americans to take part in it and rather wholeheartedly as $5 of each purchase will be passed on to non-profit patriotic charities like Lone Survivor Foundation, Adam Brown Legacy Foundation, The 31 Heroes Project, Project Foot and more. This is an amazing opportunity for all the patriotic Americans to show their appreciation for the countless sacrifices that American soldiers have made over the years.

American Hero T Shirt works in an amazing way. First, they design T Shirts and then post it on different social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc and then depending on the feedback from the customers they print that T Shirt, which will only be available for the next 7 days. The objective is clear, to create a social buzz and awareness and encourage the masses to raise the maximum amount for the patriotic charities. These patriotic shirts are available in both men and women style and cost a mere $24.95. This is a win-win situation for customers who will get a limited edition T Shirt that they can wear proudly and with each purchase of T Shirt they are donating for a patriotic charity as well.

About is a website that is dedicated to show solidarity with the soldiers and their families. The website sells limited edition patriotic T Shirts and a small amount of every purchase goes to a non-profit patriotic charity.

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