PatrolScan Announces No Obligation Free Trial for Their Guard Tour System


Ambler, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2014 -- As technology advances, guard tour systems incorporate innovative technologies to provide accurate and reliable tracking reports for security guards. With the ever increasing importance of safety and security, it is imperative for business owners to ensure their security personnel are completing their rounds at the correct intervals, and on time. To provide businesses with high quality security patrol software, PatrolScan is announcing a no obligation, free trial for their elite software.

Their system is compatible with Windows software, and comes user friendly. There is no need for guards to be computer and technology savvy; a simple point and click will record their data. With the TouchProbe and Touch Memory Chips, PatrolScan has manufactured an easy to use interface for both security personnel and administrators. While pointing the TouchProbe at a memory chip will record in real time when the checkpoint was passed, administrators can track progress through Windows software wherever they are. This is a perfect way to examine the performance of security guards, conduct trainings, and identify erroneous activities in partially completed checkpoints.

Memory chips come equipped with a unique ID so no two chips in security routes are the same, and they are operational in the most extreme of temperatures—from as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit to as high as 130 degrees—coming complete with 10-year lifespans. With the TouchProbe’s battery life and memory, this tamper-proof software provides users with an effective, durable system. Using their visual and audio indicators, users can install it in minutes.

After purchasing the reliable and durable guard tour patrol system, PatrolScan offers in house repairs for the convenience of their clientele. If the product malfunctions, simply send it to their Ambler, PA office and the professionals will promptly repair the product and return it in working order. Don’t miss the opportunity to try this elite guard tour software with their free trial. To hear more about the system and how it can help produce accurate reporting, please visit their website today.

About PatrolScan
Facilities Control Technology is a privately held corporation that is dedicated to providing their clients with high quality, reliable security management software. They have been continuously developing and producing innovative guard tour systems in the Philadelphia area for over 13 years. As security remains a top concern for all corporations, their clients span the globe, from Canada to New Zealand, Great Britain and Italy. Their goal is to ensure the protection of their clients is strengthened by using PatrolScan.

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