PatrolScan Is Providing Private Security Firms with a Superior Guard Tour Patrol System


Ambler, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/06/2018 -- For over 13 years, PatrolScan has consistently expanded their worldwide network of satisfied customers by providing a superior guard tour patrol system. In fact, PatrolScan would like to showcase how well their innovative guard tour system works to improve the daily operations and brand awareness of private security firms.

PatrolScan makes it easy for private security firms to track their security personnel while they're out in the field. Their advanced reporting software allows security managers to access guard tour reports and personnel evaluations so managers can measure how well their personnel is performing and areas where they need improvement. Security personnel can easily input incident reports as they happen to elevate the potential for inaccurate reporting.

Private security firms will be able to prove the worth of their company to clients by being able to provide their clients with detailed reports that show precisely how well their firm is protecting the client's valuable assets. When clients are happy and confident in the service they are being provided, they will spread the good news which will help bring positive exposure to the private security firm's brand. Positive brand awareness in the marketplace will help remind current customers of the firm why they remained loyal and didn't choose a different security firm.

Those interested in learning how PatrolScan's guard tour systems and software can help improve the daily operation and brand awareness of private security firms should call 1-800-878-SCAN or visit

About PatrolScan
Located on North Main Street in Ambler, PA, PatrolScan has been providing customers with the best guard tour systems in the area. Those using this innovative system can be rest assured that PatrolScan has been working for over 13 years to help protect businesses and properties. As the true industry leader since 1993, PatrolScan only offers the most state-of-the-art and user-friendly products.

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