PatrolScan Now Offering Free Trial for Their Guard Tour System


Ambler, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/27/2014 -- When buildings, corporations, and businesses employ security guards to maintain safety and order, it is important for owners and managers to be able to ensure rounds are being completed on time, at the correct intervals. For an easier way of monitoring and managing data, PatrolScan is proud to announce they are offering a free trial for their premier guard tour systems. Complete with a TouchProbe and touch memory chips, the PatrolScan is compatible with Windows software where system settings can be customized to the specifics of each user.

The product is ideal for conducting various reports and evaluations of security. While security personnel can easily record when they’ve passed a certain checkpoint, administrators can access Windows software to examine a guard’s performance, conduct training for accuracy of new guards, identify where errors have occurred in partially completed checkpoints, and more. Before being downloaded, the TouchProbe can record 5,000 checkpoints on its nine-volt battery. No matter the temperature in the building, or along the checkpoint route, this security patrol software is compatible in conditions as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 130 degrees.

These security tracking devices are designed for users who aren’t computer savvy. The easy to use interface walks users through the entire process in a “What You See is What You Get” manner. With the ability to install the system within minutes of opening the product, it comes complete with visual and audio indicators and unique memory chips (each with ten year lifespans), proving to be a valuable tool for all security operations.

Once security personnel see how effective the product is, they’ll receive a one year warranty upon purchase that offers support for any mechanical malfunctions. With the TouchProbe’s reliable reporting, the free trial will provide personnel with the assurances they need to stay on top of security, inspections, and data. To get started and see how PatrolScan can help maintain correct reports, contact 877-613-7226 or fill out an online form on the website today.

About PatrolScan
Facilities Control Technology is a privately held corporation that is dedicated to providing their clients with high quality, reliable security management software. They have been continuously developing and producing innovative guard tour systems in the Philadelphia area for over 13 years. As security remains a top concern for all corporations, their clients span the globe, from Canada to New Zealand, Great Britain and Italy. Their goal is to ensure the protection of their clients is strengthened by using PatrolScan.

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