PatrolScan Offers State-of-the-Art Guard Tour Systems


Ambler, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/07/2016 -- PatrolScan is the industry leader for guard and safety tour needs. The experts at PatrolScan have designed a guard tour system that generates clear, concise reports to track and evaluate a business' security personnel. Over the 13 years PatrolScan has been in business, these professionals have optimized the way businesses collect data and manage personnel.

With this high tech software, companies can track all the movements their security personnel makes. Every guard will receive memory chips in the tracking equipment that captures all data for each check point. No matter if there is one floor or 30 in the building, PatrolScan software allows any company to label each floor and checkpoint.

PatrolScan is located just outside of Philadelphia, PA, but has distributors all over the world to satisfy a variety of company's needs. The company has an in-house repair center that will repair the system quickly, no matter if the company is located in the United States or abroad.

PatrolScan's guard tour systems are perfect for any manager that runs a security team. The product will provide detailed reports on such items as fire inspections, tracking personnel and managing the security level in a building or corporation. The guard tour system and software is designed to make supervising security personnel easy and convenient for the supervisor and company.

For more information on the guard tour systems and software offered by PatrolScan, visit To contact PatrolScan about installing the system and software call 1-800-878-7226. If there are any problems regarding a guard tour system, contact one of the customer service representatives at PatrolScan and a professional will be out to service the system.

About PatrolScan
Located on North Main Street in Ambler, PA, PatrolScan has been providing customers with the best guard tour systems in the area. Those using this innovative system can be rest assured that PatrolScan has been working for over 13 years to help protect businesses and properties. As the true industry leader since 1993, PatrolScan only offers the most state-of-the-art and user-friendly products.

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