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Ambler, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/31/2016 -- When operating a business, protecting assets is a primary concern. Documents, data, personnel, work, they all need to be properly and effectively overseen to increase productivity and minimize costly losses. Security can sometimes seem arduous. A staff of qualified and properly motivated individuals that guard important areas can be a huge boon in business; if staff isn't properly motivated, however, it can lead to misspent overhead costs and general confusion.

PatrolScan provides security tour systems aimed at keeping personnel effective. The systems work by recording each time a guard touches a memory card to a probe. The exact time and place is then recorded in plain text to be viewed by management, allowing for precise view of each guard's performance.

A system that is simple to learn and simple to integrate means little-to-no learning curve. A system that keeps guards sharp means better performance.

PatrolScan's guard tour software allows security administrators to monitor their subordinates efficacy one tap at a time so they can be evaluated and coached but also protected in their roles. Staff is safer thanks to reports that back up their timing and tours. Managers can handle staffing easier thanks to clear and unbiased records of each employees work. The software is compatible with virtually any windows operating system, making an install as easy as possible.

Security is more than safety, it's piece of mind, and with PatrolScan it's a little more attainable. To learn more about guard tour software and receiving a free trial, interested parties are encouraged to visit their website at

About PatrolScan
Facilities Control Technology is a privately held corporation that is dedicated to providing their clients with high quality, reliable security management software. They have been continuously developing and producing innovative guard tour systems in the Philadelphia area for over 13 years. As security remains a top concern for all corporations, their clients span the globe, from Canada to New Zealand, Great Britain and Italy. Their goal is to ensure the protection of their clients is strengthened by using PatrolScan.

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