PatrolScan Tour Guard System Improves Existing Security Measures in Commercial Settings


Ambler, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2017 -- Since 1993, PatrolScan has been the preferred team of experts when administrators are looking for more advanced systems to track and evaluate security personnel. Committed to helping each customer protect their business and its surrounding property from potential threats, PatrolScan offers only the finest line of security monitoring products. With the PatrolScan Guard Tour Software, administrators can confirm that security guards have completed all their rounds on time. In addition, they can easily see if any checkpoints have been missed. Without a doubt, this is a great system for any manager who's responsible for leading a team of security guards.

Since it's protected by a metal case, customers can have confidence in knowing that the Guard Tour System will continue to function properly even in extreme temperatures. The innovative software is user-friendly, requires little to no computer experience, and can be installed in just a few minutes. Moreover, the system comes with a TouchProbe and a memory chip to allow for the most accurate means of reporting information. These chips are meant to be placed at each checkpoint, so that security guards can record their position while making rounds. By combining the TouchProbe with the memory chip technology and the complementing software, administrators have access to easy-to-use point and click menus where they can view timely and informational reports.

From exception, incident and personnel reports to scheduled equipment maintenance and inspection reports, administrators will have access to detailed information about the whereabouts of their security guards and other essential information regarding the protection of their facilities. When security administrators can monitor their team, analyze data, and use that information to find ways of improving their processes and procedures, businesses will significantly improve their security measures. To learn more about Security Guard Tour Systems, contact PatrolScan by calling 1-8000-878-SCAN(7226) or by visiting today.

About PatrolScan
Located on North Main Street in Ambler, PA, PatrolScan has been providing customers with the best guard tour systems in the area. Those using this innovative system can be rest assured that PatrolScan has been working for over 13 years to help protect businesses and properties. As the true industry leader since 1993, PatrolScan only offers the most state-of-the-art and user-friendly products.

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