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Paul Ellis London Tech Expert Launches New Tech Blog

Paul Ellis, a technology expert based in London, has launched his brand new technology blog, which focuses on mobile computing, apps and hardware.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2014 -- Paul Ellis London Tech Expert is a brand new blog run by Paul Ellis. Paul is a technology expert, who works as a systems administrator for a major UK provider of computer parts and technology devices. As part of his role, he is tasked with meeting some of the world’s leading technology providers, rubbing shoulders with the leaders in the technology industry.

With his blog, Paul Ellis hopes to share the real story behind the technology industry, and provide a detailed insight into where the future of technology lies.

“With so many companies competing in the technology space, it can be hard to know what the next best thing really is”, said Paul. “In my blog, I share the latest, greatest insights into modern tech, straight from the source. As my job involves visiting trade shows and meeting the top industry leaders, I get to hear news and rumours not accessible to the vast majority of other tech bloggers in the UK.”

“My blog shares the latest rumours, hints and speculation from the world’s top tech analysts, and in some cases, straight from the horses’ mouth. I take my readers places no other tech blogger has gone before, fast and deep into the real world of tech!”

In his latest article, Paul Ellis has examined the top tablets of 2014 so far, including the popular iPad Air.

“Through my first hand experience of Apple’s R&D department, which is off limits to the vast majority of people, I have seen the next generation of iPad Air featuring the new A8 processor. Though I cannot divulge who showed me these details, it appears the new A8 powered iPad is already in existence, in fact, I have touched it!”

The new A8 iPad is believed to contain a 1.6GHZ quad core ARM based processor, with 64bit architecture, like the existing A7. It is expected to ship with double the power of the current generation processor, yet uses around 10-15% less power.

“Prototype iPad Airs with the TouchID sensor are also in existence, however it remains to be seen whether these will ship, due to some issues with the manufacturing process.”

The next iPad is expected to launch in June, debuting the new A8 processor ahead of the iPhone 6.

About Paul Ellis
Paul Ellis is a London based blogger, writing for the Paul Ellis Blog. He works in IT at a major UK provider of technology components.