Paul Grogan, Founder of the Blue Bulb Project, Has Started a Project to Protect Water and Skies

Blue Bulbs for the Environment


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2013 -- Paul Grogan, Founder of the Blue Bulb Project, has started a project to protect water and skies. The blue bulbs are our way of saying we would like to have clean water and blue skies to look at every day.

In this day and age, we have politicians who seem to think it is a good idea to dismantle the epa and do away with regulations that protect our health and environment, essentially giving big corporate polluters the right to do whatever they like.

The Blue Bulb Project is a way for activists and non-activists to unite and show our support of clean water and blue skies. Our environment is important and it needs to be kept clean. Just by participating in this BlueBulb Project you are showing your support for clean water and blue skies. The more blue lights than can be turned on, the stronger the message.

Show your congresspeople you support clean air and clean water by participating in the Blue Bulb Project. Simply replace your porch light with a blue light bulb or tie a blue ribbon around your tree. Blue stands for blue skies and blue water, and who doesn't want that?

About Paul Grogan
He is the founder of The Blue Bulb Project, an environmentalist, and the owner/ president at Citrus County Classifieds.

Shannon Rose
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