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Pauline J. Parnell Announces Her New Review of the Instyler Rotating Hot Iron for Hair Styling


Franklin, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/28/2013 -- In the 60’s women used to straighten their hair with brown paper and an iron. Now, there is a whole industry dedicated to creating the most versatile and unique hair design products for women, and the latest evolution of this trend is the Instyler Rotating Hot Iron. The hot iron promises to use a combination of a rotating heating drum and a bristled edge to separate and polish hair to a high shine while still allowing users to create new and amazing looks. Pauline J. Parnell has written an independent review of the product and has launched a site specifically to host it.

Pauline’s instyler reviews all follow a similar format, with an introduction to the product for those who may have only heard the name in passing, followed by a summary of its proposed features and advantages. Pauline then evaluates these features for their effectiveness and provides examples of the kind of effects the product can be used to achieve.

In the case of the Rotating Hot Iron, nine different applications are specifically mentioned, including working with hair extensions, creating extra lift and volume, straightening and curling and flips both in an out for a fifties or sixties retro style. Pauline concludes with her summary and determines whether the product is worth the investment, and gives helpful advice on where to find discount coupons.

A spokesperson for Pauline explained, “Pauline has been working in the hair and beauty business for years, as well as being a keen user of women’s beauty products throughout that time. She only recommends what she herself would be happy to use, which is why her reviews are so well respected on the net. Not only does she command the interest of readers, but because her endorsement means so much, companies are happy to incentivize her readers with special discounts, so it’s especially worth customers reading the reviews simply in order to find money saving opportunities.”

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