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Paul's Fireplace Glass Makes It Easier to Calculate Cost

Paul's Fireplace Glass introduces the glass calculator, helping consumers select the right amount of glass at the right cost.


Long Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2013 -- Paul's Fireplace Glass, a Long Beach based company specializing in fire pit glass, helps their customers predetermine costs. Paul's Fireplace Glass is a branch of the long standing company Paul's Glass, established in 1944. The company focuses around a commitment to quality and customer dedication, guaranteeing the best service and knowledge of the fireplace glass industry.

The Fireplace Glass Calculator has three fireplace options to choose from: Square, Rectangle or Oval. Then a potential customer can enter the length, width and depth of the fire pit or fireplace as well as the height of the glass. The calculator will then present the appropriate amount of glass needed to for that particular fireplace. This allows a customer to determine what it would cost to purchase and install glass without having to ever pick up the phone.

Fire glass was created to provide homeowners with an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to the traditional log and wood burning fireplaces. Paul's Fireplace Glass is free of all chemicals, toxins, odors, emissions, soot and ash, offering people a safe and reliable way of displaying a fire. This clean and decorative tempered glass is tolerant of direct heat and melt resistant. Additionally, the sustainability of the glass allows for it to be used continuously, eliminating the consecutive and costly purchase of wood or artificial logs. The simplicity of the design enables the user to turn on the gas and enjoy a fire that glows beautifully, giving off a generous amount of heat with no mess or clean up.

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