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Pavar Is Introducing Its Furniture Manufacturing Services to Hotel and Restaurant Owners


Montreal, Quebec -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/07/2014 -- Pavar, a Canadian company specialized in furniture manufacturing for the hospitality industry, is introducing its furniture manufacturing services to hotel and restaurant owners.

According to company executives,  hiring a quality furniture manufacturer  is one of the first things a business owner in the hospitality industry should do when opening a new business. Indeed, quality furniture is one of the key elements found in a successful restaurant. Also, furniture is the first thing that people will see when they enter their hotel room. For Pavar’s owners, these facts prove that hiring a quality furniture manufacturer is a must for anyone who wants to earn a living in the hospitality industry.

Pavar is able to manufacture many types of furniture such as wooden chairs, stackable chairs, lounge chairs, barstools, tables, bases, banquettes and barquettes to furnish hotels and restaurants according to their owners’ needs. The company is also able to create custom products for their clients. These products can be customized with their stain, frame details, frame modifications and fabric choices, according to the company’s website.

Anyone that is launching their own business in the hospitality industry or looking to refresh their business’ furniture can contact Pavar at the coordinates below to speak with an experienced furniture manufacturer.

About Pavar
Pavar is a family owned company founded in 1983 in Montreal. The company is specialized in furniture manufacturing for the hospitality industry. The company sells many models of chairs, banquettes, etc. but is also able to take custom orders to fulfill their clients’ specific needs.

Pavar operates out of a 30 000 square feet manufacturing plant that allows it to undertake important manufacturing projects. The company’s mission is to merge product quality and design with customer service.

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