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Paving Contractors of Philadelphia Name Two Main Weaknesses of Asphalt Pavements


Warminster, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/30/2014 -- Many property owners understand the benefits of having their parking lot paved and updated to meet regulations. However, they may not realize some of the weaknesses that limit the lifetime of their asphalt pavements. Associated Paving Contractors, paving contractors of Philadelphia, is pleased to name two of the main weaknesses of asphalt pavements that limits lifetime.

According to the paving contractors of Philadelphia, asphalt pavements are composed of asphalt (also known as bitumen), stone, sand and gravel, which is mixed together to form a hard surface. However, overtime, UV radiation from the sun can break down the asphalt glue, weakening it and gradually loosening the top surface. UV radiation causes the rocks and sand holding everything together to deteriorate. Once the asphalt becomes deteriorated, piles of sand can pile up in low areas of the parking lot and soon enough, bigger chunks of rocks break off forming more dirt. UV radiation also causes the asphalt to lose its flexibility, causing it to become brittle and break.

Another weakness named by Associated Paving Contractors is caused by the asphalt’s poor resistance to chemicals, salts and petroleum products. Gasoline and oils are petroleum products. When they seep into the asphalt, the structure softens, causing major damage.

In order to prevent the two weaknesses from occurring, Associated Paving Contractors suggest sealcoating or preventative maintenance. Sealcoating is beneficial because it acts as a barrier between the asphalt pavement and all external harmful elements. It works to combat degradation of asphalt pavement. Another beneficial method of sealing is crack sealing. All repairs can be performed by Associated Paving Contractors. To schedule a free estimate, please call 215-672-8000.

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