Paws'ome Artwork That Highlights the Traits of Different Dog Breeds

Exclusive Word Art and Pet Illustrations According to Pet Breed


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/12/2014 -- Dogs are wonderful creatures that would do anything for their masters. They probably love their masters more than they love themselves. And hence many people prefer dogs as pets over other animals. It may be incomprehensible as to what a man can teach his dog but it is quite obvious that a dog teaches its master about friendship, selflessness and loyalty. And hence it is the minimum responsibility that a man understands his dog in terms of traits, characteristics and nature. There are several breeds of dogs wherein each breed is different from the other. Each dog reacts and acts in different ways to the people and its surroundings.

While the behavior of dogs depends on how they were handled as puppies and how well they were trained before or after bringing them home, there are certain innate characteristics, attributes and traits of different breeds of dogs. It is purely a personal choice as to what type of dogs people would prefer. There are small dog breeds as well as big dog breeds. Most individuals pick a dog because of its looks. They say “looks can be deceiving” and it holds absolutely true while choosing dogs based on looks. There are many instances when pet owners ended up with dogs that did not behave the way their owners expected them to.

Small dog breeds such as Dachshunds, Poodles, Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Miniature Schnauzer, etc. are easier to pick-up and carry around. They are good with kids, can keep good company, can be trained easily, active and playful. Some small dogs can also be excellent watchdogs. And for the big dog breeds “The Bigger the Better”. Pet owners who know they can handle big dogs can always prefer to have big ones at home. While small dogs are always pampered, big dogs need not be pampered all the time. They can keep great company while exercising or jogging in the park; they are excellent watchdogs and can be lovely playmates for children. Bullmastiff, German shepherd, Bulldogs, Golden Retriever, Wolfdogs, etc. are a few big dogs to name.

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Pets Luv, is a site that offers specially printed word art or pet illustrations. The words used in each of these artworks are specific to a particular pet breed. Every piece of artwork is created only after careful research with regards to the unique traits that differentiate one dog breed to another breed.

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