Pax House

Pax House Includes Yoga, Art, and Music Therapy in Treatment Programs


Altadena, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/06/2014 -- Pax House, a residential California rehab facility located beneath the scenic San Gabriel Mountains, offers a pleasant home environment specifically to treat victims of drug abuse and addiction and help them comfortably heal, recover, and receive ongoing support. Unlike traditional rehabilitation centers, its treatment programs include yoga, art therapy, music therapy, gourmet, physical fitness, and other exciting activities.

Pax House offers a highly structured daily schedule designed to help clients learn accurate information about the disease of addiction, and become exposed to proven recovery methods that can work for committed individuals. It is an enhanced, effective California drug treatment program delivered in the privacy and comfort of a beautiful home located on picturesque, inviting grounds.

In addition to traditional treatment programs such as counselling, detoxification, discussion groups, family groups, educational groups, relapse prevention, and 12-step meetings, clients of Pax House rehabilitation program are encouraged to participate in and enjoy onsite, amenity-like activities that can significantly support the recovery process, including yoga, art therapy, music therapy, gourmet, hiking, and physical fitness

“We believe addiction/alcoholism is an incurable brain disease, which affects every area of a person's life: mind, body and soul. It is our hope every client will comprehend the nature of the illness and embark upon a journey of recovery which will far exceed their expectations,” James Burnett, owner and CEO of Pax House, shares.

Pax House is committed to provide meaningful interaction with every client during their journey through the treatment process. “We understand the challenges of early recovery and will serve as positive role models. Our goal is to demonstrate a happy, fun, healthy, productive, positive life without the use of alcohol and drugs. Each staff member reflects the success of this goal,” he adds.

In addition, Pax House is one of the few rehab centers in California that promotes time-honored 12-step principles, which offer the most proven path to successful addiction recovery. Through this program, clients are exposed to 12-step meetings in the community on a daily basis, offering an opportunity for clients to share their feelings concerning their addiction and other life concerns in a group setting.

“We are one hundred percent committed to the belief that once an addict or alcoholic receives correct information concerning their addiction, accepts this condition and becomes committed to the recovery process, miraculous life changes will occur,” he concludes.

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