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Pax House Is the Most Effective Rehab in Los Angeles for Drug Addicts


Altadena, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2013 -- There is a dark side to every metropolis. California, known for its glitz and glamor, is also constantly affected by the menace of drugs. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, people who live in California, especially those in Los Angeles, have been found to be more prone to drug addiction, probably because of their easy availability and low cost in the city.

Many California rehab centers work day and night to guide these lost people back to their original path in life. Pax House has shown the most positive results in rehabilitating people by addressing their issues with effective detox programs.

The treatment offered by Pax House is solely and diversely defined on the basis of the problem of the individual. The center efficiently uses its expertise by offering the most effective recovery programs including proper drug detox, and other treatment components like group sessions with other patients, interactive education sessions, 12-step meetings, amongst others.

Helping with the effectiveness of the treatments is the location of Pax House. Despite being a rehab in Los Angeles, the world’s second most populous city, Pax House is located amidst serene nature – away from the noise of the city.

A spokesperson for the center adds, “We are located beneath the majestic San Gabriel Mountains in a quiet, upscale neighborhood in Altadena. Pax House is a spacious, clean and beautifully appointed home designed to comfortably accommodate its residents and facilitate the recovery process – making us the best California detox treatment provider.”

About the Center
Pax House is a Residential Chemical Dependency Treatment Center offering a structured residential treatment program designed to provide each client with accurate information concerning the disease of addiction/alcoholism as well as exposure toward a proven path of recovery. It is Pax House’s hope that every client will comprehend the nature of the illness and embark upon a journey of recovery that will far exceed their expectations.

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