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Pax House Offers the Best 12-Step Program for Detox and Drug Treatment


Altadena, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/14/2013 -- Pax House, a residential chemical dependency treatment center, now offers the best daily 12-Step Meeting Program to it residence for an effective treatment for drug treatment in California.

One of the representatives, who has also served as a coordinator at Pax House, stated, “Unlike some southern California detox and addiction treatment programs, Pax House is convinced that solid participation in a 12-Step program is the best possible way to recover from this disease. Here, clients are exposed to 12-Step meetings in the community on a daily basis.”

Pax House has proved its mettle and has been the name for quality residential rehabilitation facilities to conquer drug addiction and heal comfortably. Their rehabilitation center in California provides a pleasing home environment, where clients can work with specialists to be rid of the addiction for the rest of their life. The group employs the best practices and proven procedures like detoxification, individual counseling, discussion groups, educational groups, family groups, relapse prevention and 12-step meetings.

They also hold a provision of individual counseling sessions at their California detox and addiction treatment program, where clients work with counselors to formulate an individualized treatment plan addressing each client's needs.

The group has been a convenient drug treatment center in California and is well-equipped with all the comforts of home and helps clients enjoy the amenities while participating in activities that can significantly support the addiction recovery process. 

About Pax House
Pax House is a Residential Chemical Dependency Treatment Center located beneath the majestic San Gabriel Mountains in a quiet, upscale neighborhood in Altadena, California. They offer a structured residential treatment program designed to provide each client with accurate information concerning the disease of addiction/alcoholism as well as exposure toward a proven path of recovery. They work with the hope that every client will comprehend the nature of their illness and embark upon a journey of recovery which will far exceed their expectations. Their staff is committed to providing meaningful interaction with every client during their journey through the treatment process. To know more visit:

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24 Wapello Street
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