Pax House

Pax House Presents Unique but Effective Recovery Programs


Altadena, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/08/2014 -- Pax House, a residential chemical dependency treatment center strategically located beneath the grandiose San Gabriel Mountains in a quiet, upscale neighborhood in Altadena, California, introduces unique but truly effective learning sessions and recovery programs for victims of substance abuse and addiction.

At Pax House, clients are expected to participate in a highly-structured learning schedule designed not only to provide accurate information, but impart knowledge on the treatment concerning the disease of addiction and/or alcoholism. The programs are intelligently organized to teach how an individual on how to become committed to a proven method of recovery from this disease.

“Pax House staff is committed to providing meaningful interaction with every client during their journey through the treatment process. We understand the challenges of early recovery and will serve as positive role models. Our goal is to demonstrate a happy, fun, healthy, productive, positive life without the use of alcohol and drugs. Each staff member reflects the success of this goal,” the head of the organization shares.

Among these unique programs, that are not yet available in many rehabilitation facilities in the country, are individual counselling sessions, process groups, education groups, family groups, 12-step meetings, and after care sessions. Headed by counselors, therapists, and drug treatment professionals, the individuals undergoing these recovery programs are closely monitored, guided, and channelled towards a proven path of recovery.

“It is our hope that every client will comprehend the nature of the illness and embark upon a journey of recovery which will far exceed their expectations,” he adds.

At Pax House, recovery is possible. And this is what the organization wants its clients to understand and fully accept – that no matter how difficult their trials in life were or how hopeless their case may seem, there is still a way win over the war of addiction.

“Pax is the Latin word for peace. It signifies a time in history marked by an absence of war. Through our treatment process, together with all the programs we have prepared for them, we will introduce our clients to a way of life free from the war of addiction,” he concludes.

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